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Keenan Stainton

Level 3 Business Administration

When I left Sixth Form I knew I wanted to go down the business route  I had studied business through school and really enjoyed it. I applied for the Business Administration apprenticeship through OneAIM and I am now training to become a Buyer in Procurement. I would recommend OneAIM to anyone who was looking to go down the apprenticeship route. There is so many opportunities and amazing help and support from all the staff!


Mia Lightfoot

Level 3 Electrical Engineering

During my time at school I enjoyed studying engineering and wanted to progress this into a career. The electrical apprenticeship gives me lots of opportunities to develop and learn new skills everyday as well as on the job experiences! There are lots of different progression routes through electrical engineering and once I have completed my apprenticeship I hope to do my HNC and become a fully qualified electrician.

Leo McMullen.JPG

Leo McMullen

Level 3 Electrical Engineering

I was inspired to pursue an Electrical apprenticeship, because I could earn a wage whilst learning and gaining qualifications at the same time. The OneAIM apprenticeship is really benefiting me as I am learning lots of new core skills whilst working in a more adult environment, helping me to become self dependant. I applied for the OneAIM apprenticeship as it is a highly skilled trade with links to Maths and Physics both of which I enjoyed throughout school.


Olivia Gilmour

Level 3 Business Administration

After finishing my GCSE’s, I went onto sixth form but after a few months I realised it wasn’t for me. I joined OneAIM as an apprentice. At OneAIM I’ve worked with the commercial team completing Final Accounts, and am now based on site working with the Electrical Project Team. I find it interesting but challenging. When I have finished my Level 3 Apprenticeship I hope to continue onto higher education in OneAIM possibly onto an HNC or a PMQ. 

Luke McMullen.JPG

Luke McMullen

Level 3 Mechanical Engineering

I have always been interested in Mechanical Engineering so with support from my family and friends I applied for the OneAIM mechanical apprenticeship and have since been progressing my Level 3 apprenticeship. I believe my apprenticeship is going very well at the moment and OneAIM are very supportive, organising for me to have more hands on experience in a work environment to help me further my career.


Kieran Carruthers

Level 3 Electrical Engineering

When I finished school, I spent 2 years at college studying electrical engineering which I really enjoyed and I knew this was the route which I wanted to progress, for me to become a fully qualified electrician. I am now doing my Level 3 Apprenticeship with OneAIM, learning new skills every day; a mix of both workshop and theory. I would encourage anyone to look at apprenticeships with OneAIM as the staff are happy to help and encourage you to progress your career in the way you want. 

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