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Trustee Brokerage 

Trustees' are the individuals who make decisions on behalf of a charity.

OneAIM staff who commit to becoming a Trustee will receive 3 business days per annum to spend with the charity and Trustee Board.

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Why become a Trustee?

- Career Development Opportunity

- Enhance decision making skills

- Gain Leadership skills

- Broaden networks

- Step outside your comfort zone

- Give back to the local community

- Personal and professional satisfaction

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What does a Trustee do?

Trustees work collectively as a board and take decisions at formal board meetings. Once a decision has been collectively made all trustees are bound to support decisions.

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Who can be a trustee?

Most people can become trustees.


All trustees should be able to demonstrate values such as honesty and integrity. They should be committed to the charity’s aims and values.

Are you a charity looking for trustees to join your board?

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