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OneAIM is committed to providing support, education and opportunities for schools, businesses and the community of West Cumbria. As part of our three year plus one, contract with Sellafield Ltd, OneAIM has made seven key pledges listed below.

Work on delivering these is underway and this section of the website will carry all the information, links and success stories along the way, so keep coming back for updates. We are also on twitter @OneAIMJV



OneAIM’s 7 Social Impact Principles

1.    To establish a coordinated programme of engagement with primary schools in West Cumbria.

2.    To upskill the workforce in West Cumbria to meet future skills demands.

3.    To strengthen Community Pathways for young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

4.    To increase the capability, diversity and capacity of SME businesses close to Sellafield sites.

5.    To work collaboratively with local suppliers to provide visibility of OSW subcontracting.

6.    To develop the mechanism to link business voluntary hours with community need.

7.    To embed OSW social impact principles in the supply chain.

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