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OneAIM, a joint venture between Jacobs and Interserve, has been shortlisted for a national award in recognition of its social impact initiatives which support social mobility.

We have been named as a finalist in the two categories of the UK Social Mobility Awards, established by London-based charity Making the Leap.

The categories are:

1. Progression Programme of the Year

2. Leadership of the Year

Now in their fourth year, the awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of businesses and organisations across the country that are working to advance social mobility.

OneAIM was shortlisted for its work with the Primary Business Partnership.

In 2017, as part of the businesses wider social impact plan, OneAIM formed the Primary Business Partnership; a brokerage which works with primary schools and businesses in Copeland and Allerdale to support career-related learning.

Career-related learning is focused on helping children to understand who they could become and help them to develop a healthy sense of self. The learning is not about making career choices but more about exploration, development and helping children to have high aspirations.

The Primary Business Partnership continues to grow; eighty primary schools and one hundred and twenty-three businesses form part of the network and more than eight thousand children have benefited from career-related learning activities.

The partnership is now funded jointly by OneAIM and Sellafield Ltd. The initiative is an example of how OneAIM has responded to the Sellafield’s Social Impact Strategy.

Luke Richardson, social impact manager, at OneAIM said: “By creating and funding the Primary Business Partnership we have enabled something more than what we alone could have achieved. The partnership is addressing social mobility at a young age; by developing their skills and helping them realise their future opportunities.

Michael Moore, Sellafield Ltd Social Impact Manager said: “It is fantastic that the partnership has been recognised at a national level. The project allows other local businesses to plant the seed that there are lots of opportunities in the area and Sellafield is just one of the options. The way it is delivered ensures that all children get fair access to a wide range of employers, not just those with an existing relationship”

The winners will be announced at an event on 8th October. Other finalists include KPMG, Unilever, United Utilities, HM Revenue and Customs and Co-op.

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