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From Lillyhall, to site, to homeworking

A blog by Mike Williams

I started with OneAIM in February 2019. as a project manager. I was recruited initially to support a project at Lillyhall. Most of the work our business does is based on Sellafield site, so whilst I was part of the team, I was working at somewhat of a distance. That said, I was made to feel extremely welcome and was quickly accepted and integrated into the team. Fast forward lots of hard work and I was pleased to see that all the engineers and the multi discipline workforce hard work paid off, they met the client (and my) expectations and delivered the project on time.

Once we completed the Lillyhall project, my day to day working moved to Sellafield site, managing a number of projects across our contract. At that point, I was still new to life on Sellafield and wasn’t as familiar with the processes etc as some of my colleagues. Nevertheless having a great team around me really helped, they brought me up to speed on how Sellafield operated and how we did. Getting an introduction to all the departments, the leadership team and colleagues across the business really helped. Getting to know the team on the shop floor really helped me to quickly understand how things worked on site. The support I received was fantastic. Everybody in our business has a great team ethic which really helps!

Then came coronavirus. Like most of my colleagues, I am now working from home. I keep in contact with my team using daily video conferencing applications to keep communications flowing. We continue to support critical works at Sellafield site and I remain incredibly proud of how my team (staff, subcontractors and supporting departments) have adapted to the new norm.

Remember stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

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